An interesting post from Evolver on the trend toward app stores. This isn’t anything really that new though as we’ve had sites like Palmgear and Pocketgear for years supplying Palm OS and Windows Mobile (Pocket PC) apps, but we didn’t call then app stores.

I’m sure that the trend will increase. I took some time to have a look around a couple of the stores that I didn’t know about, especially the Bada store, and there were a few music creation apps there, but not many, and those that were around were really musical toys reminiscent of the iTunes app store about 18 months ago.

It’ll be interesting to see how things change over time, especially with the mac app store arriving tomorrow. Clip to Evernote

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  1. Hopefully when you buy a ios app like nano studio or touch osc. you can download the mac clients such as nanosync from the mac store. would make sense. Im hoping screen recording apps like screenium will go to the macstore

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