XENON Groove Synthesizer - iceGear

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  1. Bleep, Blorp, Bloop
    All these cheesy synth/sequencer apps are bumming me out.
    Are people even interested in making music that doesn't sound like a video game or vodka commercial???
    The ipad is seductive and neato, but alas, it doesn't rock (literally & metaphorically).

  2. I disagree with the above poster that music has to “rock” to be good (I'm guessing he means that in the tube amp / led zeppelin kind of way) … but that video did indeed suck.

    I don't find myself using xenon either. I can't quite put my finger on what's wrong with it… it is a well polished program.

    Maybe it's just the “on-grid-ed-ness” of it. Too many programmers don't seem to realize how much power lies in pushes and pulls around the beat (and I don't just mean the shuffle knob).

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