Mobilecrunch posts on HP sending out invitations for an announcement on webOS next month.

I hope that they can do something truly amazing as the webOS platform seems to have never really taken off or caught developer’s or user’s interests even though it has a lot of potential. Clip to Evernote

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  1. It is sad, but HP seems to have lost all ability to innovate, lead and create. They have become a follower. Look at their digital cameras, for example …. which failed in the marketplace after billions of investment. Or look at their attempt to OEM the early iPod; a disaster. Color copiers; a total bankrupt failure. How about their scanners? Whoops! More recently they have lost the lead in printing innovations to Canon, Epson, and MemJet.

    They are lost in a world of layoffs, CEO and Board finger-pointing, and corporate chaos. I predict their attempts at mobile and computing pads and “WebOS” will be a pitiful attempt to catch up with Apple and other technology leaders.

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