Seline for iPhone

I’ve been playing with this little app over the holidays and really like it, although I think that if I was going to use it live I would prefer to go with the iPad version as it might be easier to use.

Having said that it is still an expressive and simple to play instrument on the iPhone.

I’m glad to see apps like Seline exploring different musical interfaces on mobile devices as my personal view is that there is a still a long way to go in finding where music on mobile and handheld devices could take us.

Seline itself provides a very easy route in for non-musicians who are looking to be able to make music without having a steep learning curve, and also provides the more seasoned musician with the ability to play using a quite different interface.

All in all a good little app for creating music with.

Seline for iPhone is priced at $4.99.

Seline™ Music Instrument - Amidio Inc. Clip to Evernote

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