Just so you know, the iMS-20 app from Korg is still half price until the 31st at $15.99. After the 31st it goes up to $32.99.


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  1. Worth it at either price.

    iMS-20 is simply fantastic. As far as I am concerned, I think the only weak spots are the sequencer and that you can't switch knobs to discrete control (making it between annoying and impossible to set the tempo to 120bpm instead of 120.8, for example).


  2. Read the manual!

    You can fine-tune adjustments by flicking any of the knobs… Up or down flick for coarse adjustments, left or right for fine adjustments.

  3. Robert, I am familiar with the flicking controls.

    I would much rather have the ability to double tap a knob to switch it into discrete mode. This would speed some operations up for me.


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