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  1. Korg has had a lot of good stuff over the past 20 years but nothing really that exciting hardware-wise (read: “gotta have”) since the Wavestation (IMO). So, whatever Kronos is, I'll be shocked if it'll even raise an eyebrow.

  2. Then no doubt you'll be surprised when it turns out that digitally modelled wavetable eyebrow raising is the USP

  3. Got to be lighter on the wallet hurt-o-meter though (iOS app excluded)
    The only Korg product I have used in anger is the DS-10, so I'll get my coat..

  4. @Darksound

    “but nothing really that exciting hardware-wise (read: “gotta have”)”

    Have you heard of the Kaoss pad?.. :).. some might say its a gimmick, but its been a best seller for years now. And they patented it so much nobody can make a clone or a similar thing (which is a shame, I think the KP could be so much more).

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