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iExterminate! Promo Codes Sent Out

All the codes have gone out for iExterminate now. We’ll have another promo code give away tomorrow.

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iExterminate! Promo Code Give Away CLOSED

The iExterminate code give away is closed now, thanks to all the people who emailed in, codes will be going out very soon.

Also a massive thank you to Kipper Tie Software for the codes.

iExterminate! - Kipper Tie Software

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1 comment on “Fairlight case and iPhone app on the way”

Fairlight case and iPhone app on the way

Matrixsynth has the scoop on a new Fairlight and that they’re building an iPhone app too.

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2 comments on “NLogSynth PRO Update”

NLogSynth PRO Update

An excellent update for NLogSynth PRO.

  • MIDI Out with CCK
  • Line6 MIDI Mobilizer MIDI In and Out support
  • MIDI Recording and playback
  • MIDI File export

NLogSynth PRO - tempo rubato

iPads at the Apple Store

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1 comment on “Interactive Chiptune”

Interactive Chiptune

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Rhythm Trax for iPhone

This app appeared on the 30th and I haven’t had a chance to take a look yet, but it does seem to have an impressive list of features. Here’s the description:

Launch the Rhythm Trax app, drop in loops, add effects and create your next smash hit. Rhythm Trax takes mobile music production to the next level. Once your audio masterpiece is complete, export it and share. Rhythm Trax is music made easy.

This app is designed for the iPhone 4 only.

Rhythm Trax is a hybrid loop / sample sequencer. On the surface, it is a very easy to use loop sequencer. Digging deeper into the app, you will find very advanced editing features.

With Rhythm Trax, you take loops and drop them into a timeline. No need to worry about loops with different tempos, Rhythm Trax automatically adjusts everything for you in real time. You can drop any loop onto any one of eight tracks. Each track has it’s own mixer channel with dedicated effect. Effects and volume can be automated per loop and per track. Create epic filter sweeps or transforming variations to your sounds. Use the provided loops or easily import your own via iTunes or Intua audiopaste.

If just arranging loops isn’t enough, double tap any loop on the timeline and rearrange the loop slices and pitches to create new remixes. Bounce out loops and entire song steps for even further editing.

With file sharing supported by the latest iOS, importing/exporting between your device and your computer are now easy. The days of file transferring over wifi or some 3rd party software are over.


  • 8 track loop sequencer
  • 32 loops per session
  • Automatic loop time stretching
  • Pitch shifting any loop, loop slice. or sample
  • Mixer channel for each track
  • Volume, pan, and mute controls
  • 8 simultaneous effects
  • FX automation
  • Volume automation


  • Low pass filter
  • High pass filter
  • Band pass filter
  • Band stop filter
  • Equalizer
  • Distortion
  • Lo-Fi
  • Delay
  • Flanger
  • Compressor
  • Side chain compressor
  • Swing
  • Triplet
  • Slicer

The app is priced at $5.99.

Rhythm Trax . - Pulse Code, Inc.

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6 comments on “Guess what Kronos is and win a Monotron”

Guess what Kronos is and win a Monotron

Now that’s worth checking out at Synthgear.

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Arduino sequencer further research

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Photosynthesis is free!

And by that I mean the app and not the process that lots of plants use. And this time I know it is free as I just got hold of it myself.

PhotoSynthesis - return7

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0 comments on “Korg DS-10 / MS20 SpeedSexMachineKills”

Korg DS-10 / MS20 SpeedSexMachineKills

Not a bad track, although the video is pretty non-existent.

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