News on BM2

Great news from Intua Team via twitter:

@PalmSounds fixing last few bugs, will be sending it to the appstore very soon! happy new year!

Really looking forward to it now! Clip to Evernote


  1. “Very soon” in iNtua language means before Xmas 2011, but wait a minute, didn't we hear “before Xmas” from iNtua already 6 months ago?

  2. I really don't get all the hate toward Intua on this. This isn't a critical update – it's a new version! In the mean time, BM 1 works fine. I have both BM and NS and enjoy them both. I'm actually happier knowing that Intua are really obsessing over getting BM2 right, rather than throwing out a buggy rushjob to compete with NS. So, in other words: chill, people!

  3. We heard it would be released in the summer (2010) and that there were “very” close, then it was, we will release it in time for christmas again we are “very” close, and now there are “very” close again. We will have to wait and and see. But i agree very close in intua speak could be some time this year , who knows?

  4. @paul yeah its a paid new version. but should be well worth the $20 when (if) it does hit the app store.

  5. I think its just a shame that many features promised for BM1 were bumped to BM2, so if we want those feature, we'll have to pay again.

    Unless BM2 is really really awesome and cheap, I will probably pass.

  6. I've been hard on Intua in the past mostly because they kept promising the app would be out “soon” instead of “when it's done.” Also because they rarely communicated their progress with the app. Weekly updates on the status of the development would've been helpful. As it is, the app is going to be submitted soon and there's still no demo video to get people drooling.

    That said, if Intua can deliver a high quality app that does what their features list promises, it'll be a hell of an accomplishment. Even just high quality time stretching and pitch shifting would be amazing. No iOS app can do that stuff as of right now.

  7. The one thing I really miss in NS is the ability to either synthesise, or further process drum sounds. Even MIDI out would be nice (perhaps it already exists?- I don't know, as I haven't got a MIDI interface yet). Competition is a good thing- for all of us! So what if NS's crown is knocked off? Viva la revolution! 😀

  8. Live audio track recording, and “unlimited” tracks will be a BIG push over NanoStudio (at least until they update).

    NS had a LOT of great features w/ an intelligent layout, but BM seemed so elegant; more aesthetically pleasing.

    I'd love to see them hit it out of the park w/ BM2.

  9. Will BM2 land with full audio track capability though?

    I can't find it listed in the specs on the Intua site. Link?

  10. wait and see, and then wait again for BM 3 which then may actually have what was promised in BM 1

    …but this way they can charge for it 3 times !

    it would be nicer if they made this an in-app purchase for the people who have bought the first one

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