Finally I’m in the Android for real. I picked up an Orange San Fransisco yesterday and I’ve started getting it sorted out now, so tell me about your favourite Android apps and widgets. Music and non-music alike, just let me know what you love, I’m all ears. Clip to Evernote


  1. Electrum, Uloops, Su-Preme MPA (an MPC type sampler), Gravitone, Guitar Solo, RD3 (drum machine). Also DolphinHD browser and it's add-ons.

  2. i haven't really tried many of the music apps. i mainly got my android phone to replace all the non-music issues i had with my iphone. my ipod touch and ipad have replaced it for music making

    but i use..

    prolauncher (to make the phone pretty)
    meebo (im)
    dropbox (much better than the iphoad verison because of the os)
    mini info (widget)
    winamp (nice widget)
    tunein radio (not as good as iphone version- but free)
    barnacle (for tethering)
    titanium backup

    i may have kept my iphone if i knew apple was going to make some changes allowing filesharing between apps (kinda) and opening stuff up a bit. but truthfully i've been really happy with android because i don't have to jailbreak to get it to function the way i'd like. it just works.

    now i need to check out these music apps..

  3. RD3 is the only app I see as comparable to anything good on iOS.. But, there are a lot of good metronome / tap tempo apps. Wish they get stereo recording figured out. A simple stereo line in record app would be pretty useful.

    They can live in beautiful harmony really.. Android serving up wifi tether to idevices.. I mean.. Even if a person sells off their iPhone its worth dumping your apps down to a iPod.. Who could abandon technobox.. Bebot.. Nanostudio.. Flare/baby scratch..sell $600 iPhone buy $200 iPod..

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