I thought we might see BM2 arrive just in time to catch the end of 2010, but it didn’t happen. I’ve checked the Intua forums and there’s nothing much in the way of news either which is a shame really.

Let’s hope we see it soon in January.

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  1. @Sleep – OUCH man! I know BM2 has taken a while, but I'd hardly call it vaporware. It seems to me that Intua is just really gearing up to get this one right (makes sense). Plus, it could also be the App Store approval process – remember all the agony that preceded the release of Touch DJ?

  2. The worst thing abut intua is their lies… last time i heard from them they were like 'we are sorry for our absence we've been busy doing our app but we're here to stay now expect an app before Christmas' – not even a peep out of them for months now to say 'sorry it's late' or to answer anyone's questions on the forum – shame, as i was really looking forward to it but it's hard to maintain excitement for a company so indifferent to their customers.

  3. Nanostudio is available now. One man does the lot – support is second to none. Intua deserve to lose their customers to Blip, Blip deserves to inherit them.

  4. I would say BM2 is more like black mesa source than duke nukem lol

    I wouldn't be surprised if Apple told them to change a bit of their code. Also their was that freeze when no new apps or price. changes were allowed. Let's see what happens this week.

  5. There are a lot of app companies that don't respond to costomers, I have been trying to get sense out of the makers of hexatone pro for ages, they are really helpfull then just stop, they also won't except here is a problem….

    I can't wait to see what bm2 has to offerm but still feeling a little pissed hat bm never got upgraded… So might sail away to blip as well, the bloke is committed

  6. Just read from Intuas forum that they are fixing the last bugs and will submit very shortly. What is incredible about Intua's forum is not their silence but the hysteria and constant reference to Nanostudio, which I own and like and recon the author is doing a great job technically and community wise. Still I'm a little puzzled by the need of some to yell about how bad is Intua and the like… I'm just patiently waiting and will buy or not depending of what's delivered. Why would I turn mad on something I'm not the author or forced to live with in the first place but just a POTENTIAL customer? Sorry for the verbose post and happy new year to Intua whatever happens.

  7. Competition is healthy – ultimately we all reap the benefits, be it NS v BM or Android v iOS. Having said that I think developer input makes a great deal of difference as to how I perceive the end product.

  8. Yes Rondema I think you are right both about competition and developper support. Still I think there's a huge difference between saying “hey, Intua, Nanostudio is great, look at these features and offer us more” and what I could read on their forum like “you're a bunch of morrons not deserving my money, you will rot in hell and Nanostudio will shine in its eternal glory on top of the dead body of your crappy app I did not try anyway”. Yes Nanostudio is a benchmark, yes its support is great, like Thumbjam's and yes that makes a difference. I still don't get the hysteria though…

  9. I'm not a fan of intua customer support either. But slipping a release date isn't a lie, it's a screw-up… one that happens a lot in development.

    Anyway let's keep this in perspective – it's an app they're making for you to use on your iphone. If you hate them so much you don't have to purchase it, or even bother wondering about the release date. They aren't defrauding your grandmother or something.

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