Thank you and here’s to 2011

As we end 2010, which has without a doubt been an amazing year for mobile music I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who’s been involved with Palm Sounds this year.

If you’ve been reading for the last week or the last 4 years, if you’ve given promo codes or run a price drop for your app, if you’ve commented or emailed me with news then thank you for making Palm Sounds a resource for mobile music.

It has been a good year and I’m hoping that 2011 will be just as amazing too.

Happy new year. Clip to Evernote


  1. Best blog on the planet and been top of my bookmarks for a while now.

    All the best for 2011, keep up the fantastic work.

    Peace 😀


  2. Thanks for one of the most useful blogs in the universe!

    I will accept cookies from anyone whether I need to post or not (especially chocolate chip and peanut butter).

    Happy New Musical Year to all!

  3. Palm sounds cookies, nom nom.

    Great blog, I check it morning and evenning.

    I'm curious though, who is palm sounds?
    Maybe you can do a post “behind the scenes” ?

    Happy new year!

  4. Just wanted to add my comment to the rest of a great group of people by adding my thanks for this great blog that I call “home”. It's the first and last place I go to every day. . . . You are the best!

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