Thank you and here’s to 2011

As we end 2010, which has without a doubt been an amazing year for mobile music I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who’s been involved with Palm Sounds this year.

If you’ve been reading for the last week or the last 4 years, if you’ve given promo codes or run a price drop for your app, if you’ve commented or emailed me with news then thank you for making Palm Sounds a resource for mobile music.

It has been a good year and I’m hoping that 2011 will be just as amazing too.

Happy new year. Clip to Evernote

Quixpin DJ Promo Code Give Away

This is the last promo code give away of 2010! Today I’ve got 20 codes for Quixpin DJ to give away thanks to the developers Quixonic.

If you’d like to enter to win a code all you have to do is answer this question. Name one new feature in the latest version of this app.

Email your answer to by 7pm GMT on the 1st of January 2011.

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Tracks made in Sunvox

I meant to post these tracks made by Alex the developer of Sunvox ages ago and just didn’t get around to it, so here they are now: Lullaby by NightRadio Space express by NightRadio

SunVox - Alexander Zolotov Clip to Evernote

Audioprom Promo Code Give Away CLOSED

The Audioprom give away is closed now. Thanks to everyone who emailed in and a big thank you to the developers for giving the codes.

I will be sending out codes tomorrow.

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The way things should work

Thanks to Steve Jay for this comment he made on facebook a while ago and I’ve kept on meaning to share:

In my job I have cause to set up a small portable studio, for my employer’s journalists, so that they can file stories and audio on location at major events. On Saturday, our main internet failed, for backup I had a windows smart phone and all the drivers installed. No matter what I did, it would not share the internet. Direct connection, bluetooth, ad hoc wifi, nothing worked.

Enter my personal iPhone. No iTunes on the XP laptop yet bluetooth connected immediately. Pairing for the first time took 2 minutes. We filed the story, then the wired net came back up.

That’s why Phone 7 is dying. It’s not compatible with it’s parents, let alone anything else – drivers suck, use open standards. When Microsoft learn this lesson, they may well produce great products, until they do, nothing will really work well, and they’ll always be stuck with that reputation.

I’m always interested in stories like this, so if you want to share one, please let me know. Clip to Evernote

Updates, Pricing and the beginnings of a discussion

A while back I got this comment on a post about the c74 app:

‘ve been hoping we would have seen some updates to c74 with things like as a Windows-compile of the Max external and support for iPad. But we’ve seen nothing.

c74 is a great idea. But it should either be updated or the developer should set it free.

It did make me wonder why some apps just don’t get updates for a long time or the developers just decide that they aren’t going to update at all any more.

It is a real shame, but the real problem is that Apple won’t let developers charge for an update. In the desktop world we are all used to paying for updates whether we agree with them or not. Some are fair, some don’t seem fair, but either way they happen.

If Apple were to allow developers to charge for upgrades I think it would make it easier for some apps to survive.

So, that was a round about way of asking for your views on update pricing and what you think of the possibility.

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Brief impressions of the Samsung Galaxy Tab

I had a brief play with the Galaxy Tab yesterday. Not enough time to form a complete view, but enough for a general impression of the device.

I liked the build. It felt solid enough and like it wasn’t going to fall apart on you, but perhaps not as design conscious as the iPad. The display was good and reacted well to re-orienting the device, but what was really noticeable was that it looked a bit like a x2 display on the iPad, but for the whole GUI for the OS.

I know that Google have said that the current version of Android isn’t built for tablets, and perhaps this is why it looked like that.

I had a play with the market place and inevitably found a bunch of music apps that I hadn’t heard of and now would like to try out.

Anyway, it was a brief look and I did think the device was certainly going in the right direction for Android tablets.

Personally I’ll wait a while for an Android tablet, at the very least until after CES to find out what arrives. Clip to Evernote

Boxwave Stylus

Thanks to those who commented on the post about Animation Desk for iPad, and thanks to Icepulse for this link to some amazing art made using a boxwave stylus.

I think I’ll have to think seriously about getting one of those myself. Clip to Evernote


i505 from pulsewidthmod on Vimeo. Clip to Evernote

Bebot Synth on iPad

Bebot Synth on iPad from pulsewidthmod on Vimeo. Clip to Evernote

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