Indamixx2Pro portable Pro Tools

Thanks to johnnyg0 for pointing me to this video. Clip to Evernote

4 responses to “Indamixx2Pro portable Pro Tools”

  1. Darksound says :

    Who would have ever guessed Pro Tools would make it to a tablet. I wonder is being used for the interface.


  2. johnnyg0 says :


    Why not?.. Tablets have been sold for decades, people have been using software on those tablets for decades (musicians too:). No need to wait for the release of a tablet version of some existing software.

    Sure it might not be optimized for the fingers, but it works well. If you feel the buttons are too small, make your resolution bigger.

    What I like is how everything works together, no need for AudioCopy when you have a real host and a real clipboard.


  3. Ronald Stewart says :

    This comment has been removed by the author.


  4. Ronald Stewart says :

    sorry no interface needed… Pro Tools 9


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