Indamixx2Pro portable Pro Tools

Thanks to johnnyg0 for pointing me to this video. Clip to Evernote

Audio Palette Promo Codes gone out now

All the Audio Palette codes have gone out now. Sorry if you didn’t get a code, but there’s the Audioprom give away and there’s even more codes to come after that.

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Audioprom Promo Code Give Away

Yep, yet another promo code give away today. This time I have 4 codes for Audioprom. To get one all you have to do is tell me what this app has got to do with sausages?

Send your answer to by 6pm GMT tomorrow 31st of December.

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Audio Palette Promo Code Give Away CLOSED

Thanks to everyone who entered the Audio Palette give away. It is now closed, and I plan to have the codes out in the next couple of hours.

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Crystal for the iPad/iPhone/iPodTouch

Via Moonbuz.

Crystal Synth XT - Green Oak Software

iPads at the Apple Store Clip to Evernote

Hacked iPod Nano shows support for apps

Interesting post at TUAW about a hacked iPad Nano and that it may support apps which could be an interesting development. Clip to Evernote

Serial Cables for the iPhone

No really, according to Mobilecrunch it is for real! Why am I excited? I don’t know, I just still like old school serial stuff like this. Clip to Evernote

Echo Nest to power BBC Music channels

Not music related I know, but interesting that a company like echonest get into the BBC. Good for them.

Via Hypebot. Clip to Evernote

Disquiet’s best iPhone

An interesting set of music apps from disquiet. I like them all and in fact have them all except for Immersion Station, which I really should try out at some point.

Check the whole list here. Clip to Evernote

Xmas Present Jam – Monotron vs. UCreate Music Clip to Evernote

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