New Features:
Major upgrades to the Sampler – now you can import any song in your collection into the sampler, and record and play back samples of unlimited length.

Pitch Lock feature for the VCO Pad – allows you to play a chromatic scale using the Filtatron oscillator.

Route audio output to speaker, earpiece or Bluetooth – a new settings panel also allows you to set the sample rate, audio latency and control response rate.

And Moog have got more coming too:

‘We’re committed to expanding the Filtatron’s capabilities,’ said Mike Adams, President of Moog Music. ‘Retina display support and an iPad native version are currently in development and scheduled for release in early 2011.’

Filtatron - Moog Music Inc. Clip to Evernote


  1. I like the updates. something's weird about the locked pitch interface though – the top few pitches don't seem to work. Will have to give it another try…

  2. I love this app. 90% of the time I seem to get cool sounds without having a clue what I'm doing. I agree with Darksound about the filter and the sampling. The filter never seems to do what I expect it to! But the sampler is awesome, especially the ability to adjust the loop on the fly. Tiny loops make great unusual “oscillators”. Would be cool to be able to pinch zoom on the waveform, but it's not an issue on the larger ipad screen.

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