Animation Desk for iPad

Some of you might know that I’ve been looking for a decent animation app for ages now, and I’m hoping that this might just fit the bill.

Via iPad Creative.

Animation Desk for iPad - Kdan Mobile Software LTD

iPads at the Apple Store Clip to Evernote

5 responses to “Animation Desk for iPad”

  1. Pierre says :

    This seems interesting but it still suffers from the fundamental problem of having to use your finger or a very thick stylus as your input device. It's hard to know if there's anything more to this app than what's shown but it certainly has potential! I hope it offers layers and it seems like there's a nice selection of drawing tools.

    I'm still waiting for Inchworm on the Nintendo DSi though. THAT should be fantastic!


  2. formal says :

    No layers….. big no no for doing animations with BG and characters.

    I just wish they would make flash for ipad…. not flash viewer, the actual content creation app :)


  3. Anonymous says :

    I have the same problem with the finger as a fat stylus.

    Maybe we need to rethink the interface – what about an offset pointer (autodesk already has this part) that doesn't draw unless you have a second finger down (or maybe the reverse – another finger for pointing without drawing).


  4. Icepulse says :

    Honestly, despite Job's insistence that “the future is the finger” with regards to navigating tablet computers, anyone who's even remotely serious about creating art on the iPad NEEDS a stylus.

    I grabbed a Boxwave for $15 bucks on Amazon, and it's a game changer. There's really no sensible alternative, if you're interested in drawing or painting on the device.

    Here's a few things I did w/ stylus and “Artrage Mobile”.


  5. johnnyg0 says :

    To everyone who likes stylus, have you seen this one? (pressure sensitive)

    It looks awesome, but its a shame it requires a jailbroken device because it requires some low level function that Apple won't allow devs to use.. but who here isn't jailbroken?:)


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