iShred Live 2.0

iShred Live is now in the app store and is still free, but has the following updates:

  • The app is now universal for iPhone iPod and iPad
  • There are 4 new effects: Screamer (distortion), Phaser, Autowah, and Octavinator
  • Preset sharing
  • Plus lots more stuff

iShred LIVE - Frontier Design Group

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TENORI ON HARCORE! Industrial, Experimental, Noise Beats – Distort and Mutate Clip to Evernote

AU Version of bleep!BOX is coming

Good news for anyone hoping for an AU version of the bleep!Box plugin from this tweet:

bleepboxapp: AU Version of bleep!BOX is coming along great. Just need to do some testing. Also got some good work done on the iOS app yesterday.

bleep!BOX - White Noise Audio Software

TRON: LEGACY – Daft Punk’s “Derezzed” Played by KORG iMS-20 for iPad


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TRON: LEGACY – Daft Punk’s "Derezzed" Played by KORG iMS-20 for iPad


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Su-Preme MPA – Sample based music production app

Android music seems to be getting more interesting, especially with this app (amongst others) coming along. More on Su-Preme MPA here. Clip to Evernote

50% off all Groovemaker apps

These apps are all 50% off until Jan 3rd.

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iTunes Connect (back end) coming back now

If you didn’t know the back end of iTunes (called iTunes Connect) has been down since the 23rd. This was all scheduled stuff and developers knew about it, but it meant that things like price changes couldn’t go on during that period.

It is coming back up now so expect lots of changes in pricing and updates flowing through just like normal. Clip to Evernote

Galaxy Player to debut CES

Gadgetlab reports on the Samsung Galaxy Player which is due to be shown at CES in less than a couple of weeks. It does look very good indeed, and as I am really going to get into Android in 2011 I’m hoping that both the pricing and the availability will be cheap and now (in that order). Clip to Evernote

Recording audio on iPad with Behringer U-control UCA222 (MultiTrack Daw app)


Testing the cheap and compact audio interface UCA222 for recording audio on iPad. Even with the power limitations of iOS 4.2 for external devices the UCA222 works nice with the Camera Connection Kit. No external power supply needed. It’s a nice solution for recording in stereo keeping the mobility.

For this video I used the Multitrack Daw app and a Korg Microx. The demo song is an excerpt of Renaissance’s Can You Understand (Ashes are burning, 1973).

More about Mobile Music and Music Apps on

MultiTrack DAW - Harmonicdog
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