So, what did you get for Christmas?

Welcome back, I hope you had a great couple of days. Posting will be getting back to normal today, but to start off with, what did you get for Christmas?

Anyone get anything really cool (mobile music-wise that is). Share your goodies here! Clip to Evernote


  1. Got an irig. Which of course led to amplitube. Which led to the in app purchase of the eight track studio.

    So can anyone recommend a nice, simple drum machine or loop app that plays nice with the ipad?

    Thanks. And happy holidays

  2. Not really mobile music making equipment but I've got £40 to spend.. So… Irig, amplitude or grittin guitar connect.and Ishred… Ims- 20 and a small USB keyboard perhaps….

  3. First poster: you need Looptastic I reckon. I knock up loops in Nanostudio and paste them into Looptastic. Happy days.

    I haven't used my Blue Mikey 2 in anger yet.. First tests were a bit disappointing with loads of noise using the high sensitivity setting, haven't tested the line in yet

  4. Had a new guitar (Fender reissue 54 Stratocaster, surf green, feels like I own a Cadillac now), technically this is still mobile music, right? Anyway I'll plug it in my Ampkit Link to stay in the topic!!

  5. Got an iRig and line 6 midi mobilizer and a bunch of iOS audio software with a 50$ gift card for iTunes (and following the 12 days of Christmas on this site… Thanks for that BTW) I got: multitrack DAW, ishred, bassline, ricepad, jasuto pro, xenon (thanks to palm sounds code give away) and thumbjam.

    I'm lovin thumbjam and xenon the most right now and of course multitrack DAW for recording between my iPhone and iPad via iRig. Just got home from the holidays so nothing serious recorded yet.

    To the first poster anonymous, I love beatpad but I know many people like the ielectribe for iPad. I have both and I never use ielectribe, no audio copy and paste, no song mode, no user samples,.. But ielectribe does have very robust sounding drums for an iPad app. I think ielectribe is just gimmicky. Beatpad is amazing because it has about 10,000 more features than ielectribe, but the best feature IMHO is it does 1/64th notes, the best iOS I have found.

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