Just wanted to say a very big thank you to everyone who’s been involved with Palm Sounds in 2010. If you’ve commented, emailed in, had your app on the blog or done anything else then thanks for making this a great year for Palm Sounds.

A special big thanks to all the developers especially those who’ve been involved in my 12 days of Christmas.

Have a great Christmas. There won’t be anything new on Palm Sounds on Christmas day and possibly not on boxing day, but we’ll be back by the 27th with the obligatory ‘What did you get for Christmas’ post.



  1. Merry Christmas and thanks for all the support Palm Sounds gave us and other iOS audio devs this year, we really appreciate it! It's been an exciting year for mobile music making, I can't wait to see where next year takes us all. Take care and happy holidays, everybody

    Art @syntheticbits

  2. Merry Christmas everyone!! We have a white Christmas at my place this year and it's a great day to produce palm sounds in front of the fire. Have a great weekend.

  3. I'm just happy that in a few days it will be
    a whole merry year without christmas, christmasmusic,
    christmasmovies and everything else evil so that I can
    read new stuff on your great blog again….

  4. One of the best technology, let alone music, blogs on the web. Right at the cutting edge. A great daily read, thanks Ashley!

    Happy Christmas, Holidays and New Year to you and all the readers!

    Rob, London

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