More details on new versions of NLog coming

What’s new in NLog MIDI Synth update 2.5:

  • Akai SS25 SynthStation support
  • MIDI support with Line6′ Midi Mobilizer
  • IN for all iOS devices
  • OUT for newer devices (iPhone 3GS & 4, iPod touch 3G & 4G, iPad)
  • CoreMIDI USB support IN & OUT with Camera Connection Kit on iPads
  • MIDI recording & playback
  • MIDI file export
  • Bug fixes

What’s new in NLogSynth PRO update 3.2:

  • MIDI OUT support now also for CoreMIDI USB with Camera Connection Kit
  • Line6′ Midi Mobilizer and CoreMIDI USB all support now MIDI IN & OUT
  • MIDI recording & playback
  • MIDI file export
  • Bug fixes

tempo rubato Clip to Evernote


  1. NlogSynth Pro rules, and the developer has done a fantastic job! It's the best sounding and most playable synthesizer on the iPad, period.

    Well worth the selling price, IMO.


  2. I download all the ipad synths, and this one is def the one I use the least. A lot of people claim these iPad synths weren't created by real musicians, and I think that's nlog's problem – a lot of the stuff just doesn't make sense. The keyboard is probably the worst part…

    Not worth the time or money… if you're gonna spend that much for an ipad synth, you should go with korg ims20 easily…


  3. I'm confused with all these Nlog versions. I bought the Nlog Synth 2.3 Full for my iphone after testing the free version. Now it looks like the “full” version has disappeared and is no longer supported?


  4. Hey 'Real Musician', if you need a step sequencer to make music and can only play with one finger, yes, then you are better off with the Korg. But don't try a real keyboard like NLog.


  5. Tried the free version,
    was enthousiastic about it and bought
    the full version
    which was replaced by the midiversion the next day
    with no possibility to upgrade and support already gone
    I dont feel very urged to buy again………


  6. (I'm the anonymous from previous post)

    Don't get me wrong, my comment was about the
    The app itself I can recommend to anyone that
    likes synths.
    It's highly tweakable and (to me) logical and well
    made and also very nice looking.

    But I am just disapointed in paying for an app
    that emediatly gets abandoned / unsupported when they ad new
    features to it and sell it again as another app


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