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  1. Erm, this is an 8-track digital 'portastudio' with some fancy graphics to make it look like an old reel-to-reel. Add some digital FX (and make them look retro too), and whaddaya got? Ahem…a retro-looking 8-track digital portastudio. I know that there is probably a market for this, but talk about flogging a dead horse?

  2. I wonder if they added sonoma audiocopy paste yet?

    It would seem bizarre to put all that effort in and leave it out.

    I hate what they did not making it universal but that may bring forgiveness.

  3. IIRC, 8-track players and a looped 8-track could do a decent space echo simulation.

    Reel-to-reels are still used today. A friend has two that he still bounces his final mix down onto. Two four-tracks actually.

    And tv dinners are still bad for you:)

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