Mixtikl gets one more update before the end of 2010 and it is a really good one. Here’s what’s new:

  • 3 new fabulous add-on Tiklpaks: GenMix 6, GenMix 7, DroneMaker 1
  • Content Cell now lets you set Generative Bars / Range for generative content cells
  • Content Cell now lets you set the number of cell repeats / range for each content cell
  • AirPlay support allows Mixtikl to play through Apple TV or AirPlay speakers (iOS 4.2 required)
  • Further improved New Mix screen with separate “settings” screen
  • New Mix screen now allows you to select the paks from which to create a new random mix
  • New Mix > Empty now uses the Volume Max settings from the New Mix > Settings screen
  • Default max value track volume now set to 86 (used to be 100)
  • Improved Content Cell clarity with different Loop indicator and smaller font text
  • Added version number display on start-up (all versions)
  • Fixed: Mic recording content now defaults to zero bars (used to be 4 bars countdown…)
  • Fixed: Options saving on iOS that simply didn’t work in the old version under iOS 4.x or later…
  • Fixed: text could be poorly laid-out on the message box display and icon did not always appear
  • Fixed: display of looping overlay

Mixtikl Generative Music System & 12 Track Audio MIDI Loop Mixer + Live FX - Intermorphic Ltd.

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