Inception the App Full Moon Dream Review

Again, not so much of a review as a description of the scene / dream in the latest version of the Inception app.

Inception - The App - Remote Control Productions Clip to Evernote


  1. I'm starting to wonder, is this app so bad that they need to do all this talking about the app while never showing it in action or letting us clearly hear how it sounds, because they know if they would show it and let us hear it we'd see how bad it is and we wouldn't be interested.

    So much publicity for what is basically an RJDJ scene.

    But I'm sure they sold more than a lot of better apps who didn't do publicity or promotion.

  2. @anonymous #1

    I did check it, I still stand behind my point.

    I'm not sure I've came back to the real world since.

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