Bassline price drop

To celebrate the release of MoDrum tomorrow, Bassline is on sale for just $0.99!

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iSequence for iPhone 60% off

iSequence has dropped in price from $4.99 to $1.99.

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Seline & Seline HD: Oriental Improvisations

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Ricepad for iPhone

A new sampler app arrives in the store. Here’s what it does:

Ricepad is a modular environment for portable live music. Get it now for a very special Xmas price! Or gift it to a friend! Check out the video on the website.

Play, Remix, Filter, Loop, Sample, Resample and Create Sound Sequences

With Ricepad you create music by arranging objects called modules in a single chain. You start from existing sounds, freely available from the constantly updating library, importable from your computer (Mac/PC/Linux/…) or pastable from the clipboard of compatible apps, or you can use the mic line(*). Then the combination of modules you compose, divided between audio sources and effects, will manipulate the sound in an unexpectedly great number or ways.

Oriented To Live Music Performances

Ricepad allows you to create music that is immediately listenable to the audience: less editing and much more playing with the quick and simple interface. For example, if you like beat boxing, you can live record yourself through the mic, record a sequence and play it back as a loop, ready to be post processed, everything in sync with the bpm, e.g. quantized at 1/16. Nearly every interaction can be quantized, even the preview of audio clips when you want to set up a drum kit.

Inspirations On The Go With Your iPhone & iPod Touch

Ricepad has an extensive set of modules and offers many different techniques to create music, easily and quickly, leaving room to unleash your creativity. Every new idea can be saved as a session to be later re-opened for future use. This makes it suitable for casual and short plays, as well as for long and more structured live performances.

Check out the main features.


  • single chain of modules (audio sources or effects) connected in series
  • 16 bit, 44100Hz quality
  • built-in library of loops and sample kits
  • constantly updating sound packs, downloadable for free
  • optional temporal quantization of most interactions per module
  • recoverable sessions (save and open functions)
  • import/export functions for personal audio files and sessions

File Player

  • support for a lot of audio formats (wav, aif, mp3, m4a…) with different sample rates
  • loop with programmable parameters
  • set/get cue points for seeking in real time
  • crossfader

Sampler & Resampler

  • loading single files or sample kits (groups of 4 files)
  • copy/paste audio clips, using the clipboard shared with BeatMaker-compatible apps
  • live resampling of the currently executing audio
  • live sampling from the mic line with the microphonic variation of the module
  • programmable step sequencer, 1/16 resolution, up to 4 bars
  • live playing/recording of a sequence
  • clip specific parameters: volume, pan, loop mode (none, hold or toggle), reverse, choke group


  • compressor, decimator, dub delay, LP filter, phaser, reverb, ring modulator and wave shaper
  • all with the same XY pad controller interface


  • microphone module (takes the mic line) with crossfader
  • tempo control 60-200 bpm (not dynamically applicable with loops) + metronome
  • built-in tutorials
  • built-in manual
  • iPad compatibility in 2x mode
  • …and a lot of fun!

* iPod Touch users must have an external microphone for this function

Upcoming Features
Ricepad is in continuous development and a lot of ideas will be gradually implemented. For the next update we’re working on:

  • time stretching of File Player module
  • retina-display-friendly graphics

Ricepad is priced at $1.99.

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Exile – Promo from Aphids Arts on Vimeo.

I posted about this a day or so ago and then found the video at CAN.

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Bleep!Box still on sale

Bleep!Box is till on sale with 50% off again. The sale is extended through today.

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Audio Silver Lining on uLoops

A really good look at uLoops from ASL. Well worth the read. Clip to Evernote

Inception the App Full Moon Dream Review

Again, not so much of a review as a description of the scene / dream in the latest version of the Inception app.

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