I love the fact that people keep on coming out with really cool music apps for the iOS, and I’d thought that there probably wouldn’t be any more new apps coming this year.

I was wrong.

Finger-Pro, maker of BassLine is bringing MoDrum Rhythm Composer to iOS tomorrow. Here’s the very brief description:

Finger is proud to announce MoDrum Rhythm Composer, a drum synth for iOS, that will become available on the App Store December, 22 2010.

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  1. This looks interesting. There's also a new app called Rice Pad that I'm waiting for you to pick up on so I can read first impressions!

  2. Wow that looks really awesome, I'm a drum synth junky, I think the platform needs a few more. My first thoughts watching the video were the exact opposite of the other commenter.

    I love how utilitarian and to the point the GUI is, I hate all the dumb GUI bells and whistles that make everything confusing, especially when they try to make it look like a piece of hardware like a Roland drum machine or something. It looks gorgeous but often these things make it harder to make music. I especially love that step sequencer with a number on each step, that's great.

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