PolyTune still on sale

I just noticed that this app is still on sale, so if you didn’t get a chance to check it out before then you might want to take a look now.

After the app was free at launch the price went up to $9.99. Well it has come down now to just $0.99 so I thought I’d let you know.

PolyTune - TC Electronic

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  1. This was an app leveraged from a hardware pedal by a major manufacturer, who put lots of clever engineering into the original product. It was breakthrough technology with regards to the tuning world.

    They leveraged the firmware code directly to an app, and it works great. Smart for the company, cause it will end up selling lots more pedals (which are more convenient for on-the-fly-tuning during live performances.

    I would love to see more hardware, software, and plug-in manufacturers doing this sort of port. Are you listening TC Helicon, Line 6, and others?

  2. PolyTune is excellent indeed.

    I agree with Soundog about hardware manufacturers making use of the input, processing and output of other devices than just traditional computers. A Kaoss pad app would be great and worth a reasonable slice of cash with very little cost to Korg.

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