I will give this a try soon, as it is free, but I’ve no idea what to expect. Here’s the app’s description:

EXILE is the world’s first Opera for iPad. An interactive music video, it combines the exquisite drama of Helen Gifford’s chamber opera with the extraordinarily textured generative visuals of cult digital media artists Champagne Valentine.

The EXILE iPad app is a major co-production between Aphids and Chamber Made Opera and is the ultimate and dramatic combining of Greek tragedy, advanced digital media, new mobile technologies and contemporary music.

Exile - Champagne Valentine

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  1. Awesome! When this popped up, I saw the word “Opera” and thought, “Nice.” Then I thought, wait, it is probably something about the Opera browser. Curiosity caught me. Clicked the ol' TweetDeck, scanned for the tweet, clicked your owly and was pleasantly surprised. Now I just have to get an iPad. Bah Humbug.

    Shalom [+]

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