Lots of MIDI improvements have come to miniSynth PRO in the latest version.

miniSynth PRO - Yonac


  1. God, this synth is such crap! It doesn't matter how many times the dev updates it, it still sucks.

    Why to I have to tap the retracting MENU to access the programming controls for every page, yet the key size controls are always accessible?

    Only a non-musician would think that a set-and-forget control like key size should be one tap away while OSC and filters, etc. are minimum two clicks. Maddening.

    Oh, and the envelopes are crap, the filter parameters are bizarre, and I could go on and on.

    Does anyone here actually USE this app? I've been trying since iPad launch day and it's still at the absolute bottom of the list for me.

  2. I think its kinda standard. As a first generation of iphone synths, miniSynths was ok, but it didn't aged that well, much like its successors.

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