JamStudio for iPad arrives

Not sure what I think of this app as yet. If anyone’s tried it I’m interested to know what you think. Here’s the app’s description:

Want to create studio quality songs on your iPad? Let your creative juices flow with thousands of sound files recorded by professional musicians and create your own studio quality songs without a guitar, keyboard or even the ability to play an instrument. Think of it as your own iPad band ready to play for you 24/7.


Create songs not just beats by choosing any major or minor chord! Chords are grouped by key and presets are available.

Select from 12 Acoustic Guitars, Drums, Basses, Electric Guitars, Keyboards, and Synths or chose from one of the sound presets.

Create intro, chorus, bridge, etc… using the various pages in the Score panel.

Turn instruments on or off and control how loud they’ll play in the Mixer.

It is priced at $9.99.

JamStudio - Zimusoft, Inc.

iPads at the Apple Store

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  1. Zimusoft, Inc.???? In looking at their history it seems they are more of a game developer. I checked their website and was NOT surprised to NOT find a video demo. Will have to wait for someone else to take the plunge on this $9.99 app.

  2. Be a movie director! Trim clips from hit movies and splice them together, then watch your fantastic film. You don't even have to know how to work a camera!

    Be an author! Clip passages from best selling books and rearrange them into your very own literary works of art! You don't even have to know how to write!

    Be an artist! Layer component images from existing paintings to create your own masterpiece. You don't even have to know how to hold a brush!

    What do we want more of: toys for the masses? Or tools for the artists…

    You decide.

  3. @ soundog

    Hah! This is pretty much the same scenario as DSLRs turning everyone into photographers.

    The good news is eventually all this crap will die out. Historically both buyer and builder get bored and what is left are the power users 🙂

  4. @soundog

    Great comment.

    Have you seen the video from the Mugician guy where he explains how he dislikes music apps that are so simple you can't hit a wrong note?

    Good thing there are still a lot people making stuff for the artists and not for the masses.

  5. I still think there's room for both actually. We do need good high quality music apps, but there's a need for entry level apps too to get people into making music on devices they've already got.

  6. I know of people who think they are musicians because the play Guitar Hero. No foolin'!

    So, maybe it's the industry who is redefining what a musician is and eventually people who can actually play an instrument will be viewed as old-fashioned and uncool.

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