Crystal Synth is back in the app store

Seems to be back again! Who knows for how long though. Although for $0.99 I think it is probably worth the risk.

Crystal Synth - Green Oak Software Clip to Evernote


  1. ornitocracio . . . I think your reasoning would have been nice to hear. I found this a very good music creation app with a large library og quality sound. I usually run my iPhone ot iPad into a mixer and into Audacity so I can create loops to use in other apps . . . Crystal Synth is great for this purpose and only 99 cents!

  2. Have a soft spot for Crystal Synth.

    It is nice to have a app based on a VST that I know pretty deeply.

    $.99 is not much to pay for the development that went into bringing this app to the iphone.

    I got a lot of $.99 EA games going on today so .99 is the magic number.

  3. They forgot to mention that Crystal only runs on the latest iPod Touch devices. Bought mine 10 months ago and it says 'not compatible'. Thank you, Apple. Talking about Apple and OS/device fragmentation…

  4. Crystal XT (available soon for a premium price) adds MIDI keyboard input via the iPad's camera adapter and sharing of patches with the desktop version.

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