Another new synth arrives, and is (as I write) actually available on the app store! Here are the details:

A performance synthesizer with a simple interface and several complex oscillators and filters.

A multitouch keyboard gives great control on the sound, not achievable with classic synths, while a “Theremin” mode adds realtime modulation possibilities.
Thirty oscillator modes, from classical shapes to frequency modulation and more.
Includes lowpass filters with resonance and drive for classic squelchy synth sounds and two vowel filters for voice-like effects.

Internal effects: multimode drive, mono and stereo chorus, mono and stereo delay.
100 slots for presets, sound libraries can be transferred to/from the computer, for infinite sound possibilities.

HandSynth is priced at $5.99.

HandSynth - SKnote Clip to Evernote


  1. @ Marlene DeGrood:


    The last synth I took a chance on was the DXi at $1.99 which, to me, is a lot for something I know nothing about.

    Without a lower price and some in-depth video to generate reviews, I'm definitely not throwing money at this — especially with as many quality synth applications as I already use and love.

  2. I bought it, opened, and crash. Did it again, crash. Again, crash. Rebooted, deleted, reinstalled from laptop, reinstalled from within IpodTouch. It simply don't load. I'm on OS 4.1., specs the store says it should run. I asked per email support and waiting for their answer. For an app that price needless to say it's a big deception.

  3. … following my previous comment.. Got a reply from Sknote a few hours after I sent my email saying it's not working on IpodTouch (I've the “old” model from … last year lol) : there's an issue, they work on a fix, they couldn't warm ppl on Itunes because Itunes frooze some days just when they release the app, but they will change the descriptive and refund me. So my app don't work but their support is great, I never saw a company replying so quickly, offering a refund, and explaining the whole thing. Last company I sent a bug report didn't even apologize and told me “yeah, this happens”. Therefore I can't wait but try this HandSynth once there's an update for older IpodTouchs. And yes it's a known company to reply an older comment.

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