TUAW posts on this very interesting variation on Apple’s CCK. I wonder if works ok for MIDI though? I guess it just should, right?

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  1. Or, in the words of one Chinese seller of a knockoff Hong Kong connection kit on EBay: “this camera connection is not work with ipad IOS 4.2,because IOS4.2 USB output current to decrease, resulting the camera kit not work for ipad . including Apple's official product will no longer be compatible USB keyboard iPad, the same situation also have USB flash drives .So when you buy this camera kit, plese make sure your machine is able to work with it.
    IOS 4.2 camera kit and the root causes of conflict is over 20 mA operating current of the equipment connected with the iPad will not work.”

    Leave it to the Chinese to clone the next update from Apple, though, so no worries….

  2. lol This is why 4.2 sucks donkey Balls! All the apps I like support Midi Mobilizer.

    To hell with steve jobs and his fragmented hardware


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