The Palm Sounds 12 days of Christmas: Day 2: Thumbjam

ThumbJam is on sale today as part of our twelve days of Christmas!

ThumbJam - Sonosaurus

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  1. While I own about all the other big names, this is the only music making app I'm using everyday: the depth and extent of features available are incredible and at the same time you can play with it and get good results very simply.

    Kudos to Jesse the developer, who made such a brilliant app and is also really dedicated and listens to the user community.

  2. I love thumbjam. Every time I use it I find another way of using it!

    I was originally content with just playing notes up and down the scales. The custom scales are incredible. In this “mode” it is like Bebot taken to the max.

    Recently I have been using it as a live looper. I'd never tried this before but it is amazing! The kids and I made some great beats with voices, household objects etc.

    Most recently I discovered it is a really simple way to get a loop playing in the background whilst you then launch a different app. Not many apps support this background audio so major props to the developer.

    Everyone should own this app.

  3. I love thumbjam. My ONE complaint – there are way too many steps to export audio via audiocopy.

    There should be a way to select a one or more loops you're using and just mix them down and export them.

    Instead, you save to a file, scroll through (what inevitably ends up being a ridiculous number of files), then export the file. It really slows down workflow and making more productive use of it (in conjunction with nanostudio and others).

  4. Thumbjam is awesome. Possibly in every IOS musician's top 10.

    I did the gyroscope effects and bending, but the only thing I'd like added would be to also be able to change effect by moving on the Y axis.

    In short, I would totally adopt the bastard child of Thumbjam and Bebot 🙂

  5. Well i ahve to disagree with all the other people, i bought this all full price, and i don't like it at all, crap app IMO.

  6. For you Metheny fans who may be on the wire, the trumpet sounds a lot like Pat's Synclavier from the Offramp lp.

    And, the sax does really good low note reed squeaking.

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