Nice video find via the always excellent iPad Creative.

iPads at the Apple Store Clip to Evernote


  1. Nice video, but it shows how complicated it actually is to create music using only an ipad, using multiple apps, and real instruments or external controllers (compared to creating on a real computer with a true music host).

    I guess the platform will mature with time, but right now we are really far from the OSX experience we've been promised when Apple announced IOS (or Iphone OS at the time). Funny how they don't put OSX and IOS in the same sentence anymore.

    I thought IOS would be the OSX kernel with a new shell, meaning we would've been able to use OSX apps on IOS (although some apps would've been hard on the CPU, and some other might not have worked at all, but that goes with every computers). I still use DOS and Win95 software on Windows 7, sometimes with tweaking, why Apple couldn't do it this time? (they did it previously from OS9 to OSX), other than for business reasons?

    Everything that makes OSX good have been stripped for IOS. Multitasking done right? I still prefer OSX's way of multitasking..

    We wanted this :

    In the meantime Apple releases a new Macbook Air, which costs almost the same as the priciest iPad…

    Good thing there are other tablets available (like the ModBook! 🙂

  2. I think ios is what it is… a device for pounding out ideas when you're away from the studio.

    Providing you have the right app, for me it's Nanostudio, it does that very well. I don't worry about bouncing, copy/paste. I just go through a mixer and into Pro Tools. Everything else is done hands-on w/ hardware:)

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