SoundFlavors Christmas Edition

I haven’t tried this out as yet, but I plan to very soon as, after all, it is nearly Christmas!

SoundFlavors Christmas Edition - Audanika GmbH Clip to Evernote

Codes all gone out now

All the codes have been sent out now. Sorry if you didn’t get one, there lots more goodies on the way soon! Clip to Evernote

SoundTrends promo code give away is now CLOSED

Thanks to everyone who emailed in for the SoundTrends promo codes. I will be sending them out over the next couple of hours.

And thanks to SoundTrends for providing the codes.

If you don’t know SoundTrends apps, then check them out at the app store.

Sound Trends LLC Clip to Evernote

Alexa Goddard & Brett Domino: Fairytale Of New York

There is a iPhone in it around 50 seconds in! Thanks to Adrian for emailing in the link to this. Clip to Evernote

Pulsate for iPhone

The first iPhone app from the people who brought us Pulsate is a melody making tool which allows you to use geometry to create melodies straight from your iPhone.

Pulsate is a very simple app. Its organic, chaotic functionality will keep you hypnotised for hours. You will never have the same melody twice, let Pulsate take you on a geometric adventure for just 99 cents!
Pulsate was created using a tailor-made audio engine created just for the iPhone so expect loads more sonic toys in the future!

Thanks to those who pointed this one out, including Moonbuz who posted it here.

Pulsate - Clip to Evernote

iOS Audio sets up MIDI page

A useful list page from iOS Audio Blog. Clip to Evernote

iPad as a music studio

Nice video find via the always excellent iPad Creative.

iPads at the Apple Store Clip to Evernote

If you’ve had problems with Pro Chords

Having posted yesterday about how good Pro Chords is I noticed this at the developers blog.

It sound like if you have had a problem then it is a simple fix. Clip to Evernote

Well done TaBToolKit

New version of FIRe on the way

Not very much in the way of details about what’s in the update, in fact, no details at all at the moment, but FIRe is a great little recording app, so I’m always glad to see something new coming to it.

FiRe - Field Recorder - Audiofile Engineering Clip to Evernote

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