If you missed the full version when it was free and want to know what it is like, then you can try the lite version which has just come out.

Here’s what to expect:

FREE!! SongCatcher is the first fully functional recording studio environment for the iPhone, and is designed to make capturing musical ideas and working on them as fast and easy as possible. It is the first app to feature both Audio and MIDI recording, making it the ultimate solution for the songwriter that is looking for a sketchpad.

The full version of SongCatcher features 10 layers of recording. With Audio to MIDI conversion you can sing ideas and have the instrument of your choosing play them back to you. You have a resizable keyboard, 10 quality instruments (more available through in app store), a mixer, a MIDI editor, and you can record and layer live performances. You can build and arrange your ideas anywhere, anytime. You can email them home to your studio or next rehearsal.

SongCatcher has two interfaces, which are tailored specifically for the novice and professional.

Sketch mode offers the main functionality in a fast, easy to understand interface, tailored to the inexperienced music interface user. In the style of a wizard, you are walked through the process with prompts, and can build on your ideas within seconds.

Project Mode offers the full functionality of SongCatcher. Its layout is in the style of conventional music software, with all of the controls easily accessible and functional.

To see SongCatcher in action you can watch demonstration videos at: http://songcatcherapp.com/demonstration-videos


  • 2 layers of recording instead of 10
  • 4 instruments instead of 10
  • No access to in-app store, which features addtional instruments, beats and backing tracks.

Full Version Features:

  • 10 layers of recording, including both Audio and MIDI.
  • Audio to MIDI conversion, allowing the user to sing ideas and have instruments play them back. You can create your band with your voice.
  • Resizable Piano Keyboard to play instruments.
  • Instruments include: Piano, Electric Piano, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Distorted Guitar, Synth, Organ, Strings and Horns. (more available through in app store)
  • MIDI editor to edit performance.
  • Mixing functionality.
  • Ability to bounce mixes and re-import, hence allowing unlimited tracks.
  • Tempo track with optional click.
  • Ability to export mixes in various formats.


PLEASE NOTE: SongCatcher is optimised for iPhone 3GS and above. If you have an early version iPhone or iPod touch the software will work, but your handset has less processor power, which means you may experience audio glitches before you reach the full 10 layers of the software’s capability. Please do not purchase if you intend to write a bad review based on this.

SongCatcher Lite - John Vella Music

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