An interesting post at the iOS Audio blog about plug in architectures. Always good to ask this kind of question in my view, but as far as I know they aren’t allowed on the app store.

Read some of the ideas to get around this here. Clip to Evernote


  1. Being extensible is the main point of any reasonable, grown-up platform.

    Unfortunately, Steve Jobs with his control-freak attitude will never allow it, eventually leading to the platforms downfall.

    Sad, really.
    – Thom

  2. @Anonymous

    Well said.

    I would add that Apple doesn't really make computers anymore, they make ipods. They have removed “computers” from their company name many years ago to reflect that philosophy. Now building computers is more of a hobby for them, its not their business anymore.

    This is the main reason why Android today has more marketshare than IOS (even though the iphone4 is the most sold smartphone).

    I also don't understand why Apple won't allow users to do things with the lock screen…

  3. My IOS wet dream involves a simple VST/AU host. I'd like to see a port of VSThost from Hermann Seib, Reaper or something similar on IOS.

    When Apple started their mobile platform, I thought this is what it would be about.

  4. Plug-ins are simple. They simply need to be incorporated into the IAP functionality of the app in question, or made available through the App as a DL, in the way that ThumbJam makes new kits / instruments available throught the cloud.

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