Milky Tracker running on the Pandora

Thanks to geckojsc for pointing this out to me. I have to say that it looks really difficult to use the controls on a touch screen that small, but even so it is good to see a Pandora making some mobile music. Clip to Evernote


  1. Pandora looks so tempting, but I can't spend that kind of dosh at the mo. I'd like to see one running against a mini netbook like the UMID M1.

  2. I had a umid M1. It seemed like it'd be cool to run stuff like sunvox on it, but it's really flimsy.

    One of them broke after a week (wouldn't turn on). The next one lasted about 4 months, then the connection to the AC adapter stopped working. Now it's basically bricked.

    Oh, also the newer versions of the M1 don't have a standard 1/8″ jack or an adapter to an 1/8″ jack, so that meant you had to use the poor-quality headphones it came with (which plug into some sort of proprietary conenctor on the side).

    All in all, a pretty big disappointment.

    I would like to see sunvox or renoise running on a pandora. From the sound of it, they invested in some higher quality parts. One thing that might be a little annoying is the (understandably) pared-down keyboard. I guess you could reassign keyboard sortcuts…

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