I’ve been playing with Loopseque Mini for a few days now and I’m enjoying it a lot. When the original iPad version came out I liked that version too, but so far Loopseque mini is better I think. Why? Good question. I actually think that the interface, although the same, works better on a smaller screen. That does sound strange as for the most part it works the other way around in most cases, but for this app I’ve really enjoyed it more on the iPhone.

If you don’t know Loopseque it is a very simple concept. A step sequencer with 4 channels for drums, bass, percussion and lead. You can swap between patterns very easily and change the sounds by selecting different sample sets. It all works and works very well.

It is an app that you can get going with almost instantly, and I like that a lot, it is a good quality for a music application.

I would like to see a few more features in Loopseque. I’d love to be able to record from the app as one of the most fun things to do with the app is to move the patterns around to make your track, so I think it’d be great to be able to record the session and then export it as a WAV or whatever.

I did think about the sounds in Loopseque and wondered if it would be good to have control over the sounds in Loopseque, but the more I thought about it I realised that having that additional control could just clutter the interface, and I didn’t want that.

What Loopseque does now it does really well, and in my view anything else added should be in keeping with what it is good at.

If you’ve used the iPad version I’d be interested to hear from anyone who’s used both and has an opinion about mini.

For me this is a really nice little music app that I can be making music with in seconds. If it had recording too it would be amazing.

Overall, I would certainly recommend this app.

Loopseque Mini is priced at $1.99.

Loopseque Mini - Casual Underground

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  1. sugestions;

    a play/stop button

    a volume button (on my ipod with the lowest possible
    volume its still way too loud)

    more sounds !!!

  2. Well, I bought, and am disappointed. For songwriting this is not all that useful, as you cannot assign notes to bass (or lead). The notes played are “hardwired” into the samples! Even then, there are only 4 notes to choose from. Very limiting. OK for goofing around with random ideas, but you have no control over scale or melody. Bah!

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