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  1. Now this looks very promising, what the tascam should have been, if it links with irig and amplitude then awesome, but please tell me it has audio copy paste……

  2. I don't think it's about being in the studio after all why would you use amplitube in the studio,this is armchair fun….or a guitar players first studio… Quality…

  3. Amplitube makes sense because you can leave your floor rig at home and just pack the guitar, cable and iphone. That's a big deal for people who don't want to haul a bunch of gear every Sunday.

    Maybe, like you said, armchair fun. I guess I'm just used to always having a computer next to my armchair:)

  4. Just give me a simple effective 8-track recorder that is focused on audio input (vocal, guitar, microphone) and I'll be happy….

  5. @Darksound
    “The usefulness of a 4/8 track emulator on an ios while sitting in a studio completely escapes me.”

    Exactly! Even worse, why would people rather prefer to record in 16bit/44hz when they can do it in 24bit/96hz is baffling, and dumb.


    …in 16bit? .. its not going to be that bad, but its definetely not going to be that good, especially if you use effects.

  6. @ johnnyg0
    In 16bit….yea cd quality, seeing as though most of us are playing CDs or worse compressed mp3s to listen to our music 16bit seems good enough quality to me, yea sure it's not going to replace pro tools and a valve amp through a 4×12 but this is a portable device which many like me own to enjoy in their living room….

    Let's not forget that were talking about the price of a cd here not several hundreds, so let's enjoy this for what it is, a great quality piece of kit to put on the sofa while you knock a few tunes out or on the tour bus as a sketchpad..arent we getting a little over the top about what these apps are!

    If you wanna use it in the studio then great if it works then the performance will be worth it, like wise high quality doesn't always make for good music, time place and convieniance can really help a performer perform, check out rhcp californication for a classic example of a great vibe which is technically flawed, and who cares, the album is awesome?

  7. @hatter
    “In 16bit….yea cd quality, seeing as though most of us are playing CDs or worse compressed mp3s to listen to our music”

    CD's are downmixed to 16bit after the final mastering which was done in 24bit. Have you ever heard the difference between mixing and mastering in 24bit before downmixing to 16bit for the cd? Its a world of difference. Everything sounds more rich and vibrant.

    Like I said “its not going to be that bad, but its definetely not going to be that good”.. I didn't say its going to be crap, its still way better than the good ole 4-track tape. I simply wondered who would go the 16bit route when they have access to 24bit (Gorillaz maybe? :).

    That said, you're right about the price and enjoying this app for what it is, and how the quality of the sound it nothing compared to the quality of the music.

    People have been using AKAI MPC's for years and it uses a 12bit engine!, people even used bitcrushers to recreate the MPC effect in a 24bit environment. Filtatron took pride in saying their engine was true 16bit, meaning many many IOS apps are ever lower quality than that.

    Its true, fun > quality, but I like when I can have some good quality fun 🙂

  8. @ johnnygO

    “Filtatron took pride in saying their engine was true 16bit…”

    For me that's a big deal. That means I can record samples at 16 bit and pitch pretty low before I get any appreciable aliasing.

    Yesterday I did a simple “Testing…one..two…”, took just the 't' from 'two', looped and dropped the pitch and got beautiful breath sounds with absolutely no aliasing.

    Now that's 16bit for ya'. 🙂

  9. @Darksounds
    “Filtatron took pride in saying their engine was true 16bit…”

    “For me that's a big deal.”

    For me as well! But I was in shock when I read that, I thought a vast majority of IOS music apps were in 16-bit (forget about the Nintendo synths obviously :), I was wrong.

    I don't know what sampling app you use, but I really like SampleToy and EverydayLooper 🙂

  10. @johnnygO

    I was using sampletoy but then it wouldn't run after the 4.2.1 update (ipad). I emailed Bereza but never heard back. So now I'm using Filtatron and Nanostudio.

    Those two apps are good enough for spoken word and such, but for grabbing more complex sounds I use a Sony PCM-D50 and then go from there into an MPC or directly to Pro Tools.

    I have the Everyday looper as well but haven't figured out how I'm going to use it yet because it doesn't edit well.

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