More of a commentary than a review though. Clip to Evernote


  1. Even after all those articles and two video reviews, I still have no clue how this apps sounds and looks, and how you're supposed to interact with it. Anyway I have a feeling there will more info about it soon, this app has to be the most promoted app on Palm Sounds.

  2. I wouldn't say it is promoted. I guess I was a bit excited about this as I remember Michael talking to me about it in August and about how Hans Zimmmer was really impressed with RJDJ.

    I like it personally, but I know RJDJ isn't everyone's taste.

  3. I've always found RJDJ to me more of a passive/mood setting app. Most of the time you have no interaction at all with the app, and its all about the sounds around you. Its more like an audio effect.

    I guess creating scenes for RJDJ must be fun.

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