Sample Lab update

Sample Lab gets an update:

  • Audio Multitasking
  • WAV export
  • SoundCloud upload
  • Other enhancements and fixes

Sample Lab - fotoh LLC

iPads at the Apple Store Clip to Evernote

Reverie Dream Review from Inception The App

More of a commentary than a review though. Clip to Evernote

Messing around with RJDJ: SpaceBox

More fun with scenes, this time the SpaceBox scene which I’ve been enjoying. Not as much as Unowis which is one of my favs, but still good. I’ll have to make some recordings with it soon.

The SpaceBox scene is free, as is RJDJ.

RjDj - Reality Jockey Ltd. Clip to Evernote

Volume and Sound test: iPad x iPod Touch 4G Clip to Evernote

Amiga Emulator coming to iOS

Emulator is maybe the wrong word of course. Like the C64 app they made it won’t be a true emulator. Clip to Evernote

BlackBerry PlayBook Demo Clip to Evernote

Rumour from a case

More iPad 2 rumours. This time from the shape of a case. The claim is that there will be an SD slot, which seems a little odd to me though.

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CDM Gift Guide (all under $200)

I haven’t really kept up my gift guide this year, but CDM has a great selection of stuff all under $200. Really worth a look. Clip to Evernote

4 delays shruty box delays shruty box by khn

Via Matrixsynth. Clip to Evernote

BBcut app video documentation

BBCut - Nicholas Collins Clip to Evernote

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