I thought I'd post a little reminder that if you haven't made known the app you think is the most innovative of 2010 then let me know soon.

I plan to put up a list of the current entries tomorrow, so there will be another chance then as well.


  1. I don't think there has been anything as innovative in the last years compared to the previous year.
    My own favorites from last year, in terms of innovation, have been ImproVox and Filtatron.
    Then again, I don't have an iPad so perhaps the really innovative apps have been those designed for that platform.

  2. I agree with Sigmund.

    I find the only innovative apps are related to controllers (Bebot, Thumbjam, TouchOSC, Breath controllers apps, etc).

    Anything else has already been done in the past in the form of plugins or software on other platforms. Just because its on IOS doesn't make it innovative, even if its the first iteration of something that is available on this platform.

    As good as all the synths apps are, Reason was still more innovative than all of them 10 years ago, and anything Native Instruments do today is more innovative than any apps on IOS today.

    (also, releasing Reason on IOS with touch control is not innovation)

  3. Most innovative?
    Nanostudio is MPC, Reason, FlStudio on the iPad. The right way.
    The all in one wonder.
    I also put a best of 2010 on my blog.

  4. I truly enjoy Nanostudio and would say its one of the best IOS app ever, but is it really “innovative”, or only “innovative on IOS”?

    (I also have to mention I admire the NS programmer for releasing a Windows/OSX version of his app).

  5. Amos, the iPad MIDI app.

    Certainly not the 'most innovative', probably a bit lacking in features for that, but it feels like something new to me. Of course, I made it, so I would say that 😉

  6. Morphwiz, or mugician awesome ways to play and inovative in that they use the interface and ways only thevtoch creen could…nano studio is awesome but not innovative it's just a mc/sequencer like many on desktops

  7. @Anonymous
    Curtis was innovative, not the first granular effect, but a very interesting way to manipulate grains.

    Morphwiz,.. for me its pretty much like Bebot but with a larger palette of sound, and even then, the concept of controlling sounds like that was done a few years before on Palm devices (Theremini, ) and on the JazzMutant Lemur.

    @Justin R
    well of course .. if you made it 😀 lol I like how you named it “Another MIDI OSC Source”.

  8. I'm gonna go with Aura Flux. Severely underrated. Filtatron is awesome(!) but it's not particularly innovative. Certainly not as innovative as his other app. 🙂

  9. Being able to run these apps thru your live rig is the most innovative combination/use of digital and analog technology I've ever seen.

    Filtatron or Sampletoy with a NewSignalProcess Breakout is the coolest thing to ever happen to my live bass rig.

  10. Innovation is great but if it is plagued with cracks and pops, Morphwiz, Droneo, sampletoy – to name a few, then the app is really not ready musically for ios no matter how many they sell and ratings they get or how fun they are.

    Developers really need to address that problem before releasing more flotsam and jetsam.

    So far, Innovative for me have been apps that are solid and don't sound like ios apps.

    Korg IMS and NLog come to mind.

  11. Thumbjam, not a strictly 2010 app, but what has been added in 2010 makes it the most all round innovative music making app and experience there is in my opinion. At the same time its philosophy remains the same although tones of things are added to it: it's an instrument (or many instruments) you play (and learn to play better and better). You literally create the instrument you play: controls, sample behavior, available notes and range…
    You record as a performer, sometimes brilliantly sometimes failing to nail it. In the end if you dig deep enough and work on your tunes it can be inspired and you may come up with things not possible otherwise.

    It's the inclusion of all this in your hand which makes possible a specific result to happen in terms of performance as well as composition, and that's truly innovative to me. I could not have done anything comparable on my PC or with my “real world” instruments and recording devices. On top of that Thumbjam allows me to use, create and add things from my guitars and my PC synths.

    Don't get me wrong, I own most other music making apps on iOS and like them but most of them are 'just' brilliant adaptation of what exists on the bigger screens, with keyboards and sequencing, which is fine and useful but not innovative. Thumbjam, its philosophy and features just freed and opened things in the way I'm making music and this, again, is to me what innovation is really about.

    Am I in love with this app or something?

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