FunkBox iPad app MIDI synced with an x0xb0x

FunkBox Drum Machine - Synthetic Bits, LLC

iPads at the Apple Store Clip to Evernote

Smule’s Ocarina is still free

You can get it for nothing currently on the app store, but I don’t know for how much longer. Not long I expect.

Ocarina - Smule Clip to Evernote

More about that Inception App from RJDJ

A post on the RJDJ blog about the Inception app. Clip to Evernote

KORG M01 song ” Midnight Cruise “ Clip to Evernote

KORG M01 song " Midnight Cruise " Clip to Evernote

Lifehacker on how to speed up your old Android device

Handy guide from Lifehacker on how to speed up an old or sluggish Android device. Clip to Evernote

Equalizer for iPhone 2.15

Equalizer - Tibor Horvath Clip to Evernote

Any more entries for the most innovative app of the year?

I thought I'd post a little reminder that if you haven't made known the app you think is the most innovative of 2010 then let me know soon.

I plan to put up a list of the current entries tomorrow, so there will be another chance then as well.

RIM Tablet OS is 10 year future for smartphones and tablets

Interesting post from AppleInsider on RIM and their QNX tablet OS which will run smartphones too eventually. Sounds like they are really backing this one, and if what I hear about it being an excellent platform for audio is right, and if developers back it, then it could be worth watching. Clip to Evernote

Still Review

Inception - The App - Remote Control Productions Clip to Evernote

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