North Point’s iBand

Can you spot all the apps? Not a bad track on the whole.

iPads at the Apple Store Clip to Evernote


  1. whew … I couldn't make it through the whole video. Just so corny! I know that someday (soon probaby) a serious group of ipad users will actually form a legit ipad band. Which will be pretty interesting. In fact if i had the tech knowhow …I would develop a clip on wireless transmitter specifically for pad (like the wireless gtr units)


  2. Does music HAVE to devolve when using these devices? I think not. Percussion and keyboard stuff works fairly well, but guitars and woodwinds fail. And …. its got ZERO soul.

    But I do like the Santa hats.


  3. I thought the arrangement was very nice but all I could think about is how uncomfortable it must be to hold the device in one hand and constantly tap with the other. I would think that your supporting arm would get tired very quickly!


  4. If the iPad band members were riding donkeys, and playing their iPads while juggling chain saws, yes I would good money for this.


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