Audiosilverlining on Ohm Studio

Audio Silver Lining talks about the beta from Ohm Studio coming up in Jan. I still feel that services like that could do so much more if they extended into the mobile world, and I think that the first to do it will get a real advantage.

It is in many ways like what SoundCloud have done with mobile in attracting so many developers to integrate with their platform.

So if anyone from Ohm Studio is reading (which I’m sure they aren’t), give it some thought. Clip to Evernote

3 thoughts on “Audiosilverlining on Ohm Studio”

  1. Hi Ashley!

    I'm going to try and pin them down for an interview next year – I'm successful then I'll put this to them.

    I agree this kind of tech would be great on mobiles and tablets.



  2. Personnally I don't care so much. My mobile device is not always connected, and I don't always have access to a wifi spot when I want to make music. But when I'm at home, in my studio, I'm always connected.

    Also I can guess its programmed in a language IOS doesn't want to interpret?

    And what if it they extend to mobile devices, but not IOS? 😀


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