OT: Hoping that Mac App Store bring more integration

Lots of rumours yesterday that the mac app store will be coming on the 13th of December, which is fine. I’m still hoping that this will prompt more iOS apps to have integration with desktop counterparts. Not just music apps, but lots of other types of apps too as hopefully the mac app store will bring better access to market for developers.

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  1. There's already plenty of IOS apps that interact with desktops. Mostly controllers, remotes and sketching/drawing apps. Even if it reduces the mobility, some of them are really good.

    Why do you believe the Mac App store would suddenly stir even more interests to create more of those apps? And how would those compare to the well-established ones like Cubase or Live?


  2. I guess because before the app store mobile app delivery was so fragmented, and for mac apps it still is. Smaller developers have real trouble getting their mac apps noticed because there isn't a single channel for delivery. When that does arrive it could mean a really big opportunity for mac developers to do all kind of things in the same way that iOS developers have done.


  3. When the Mac app store will be saturated much like the IOS app store is now, how easier do you think it will be for devs to get their apps noticed when they'll be in a pool of 100,000 more apps? Do you think it will that much different than the web?

    I haven't noticed an apps just by browsing the app store, I found them because people were talking about them (like here). And counting the number of websites out there rating IOS apps, I guess a lot of people are doing the same.

    What I do wonder about the Mac app store, is what percentage of all Mac devs will put their apps in there, and what percentage of the total available Mac apps will not be in the store. Since the Mac app store will not be the only way for users to get apps, will it become as essential to the platform as it for IOS, or will it just be another store that sells Mac software.


  4. The app store is a mess. They need to come up with sub categories, separate the serious apps from the novelty/toys or come up with a better definition of what a music app is.

    I'm looking at the App Sore page right now. 934 music related apps. Hymnal Methodist and Baby Chords in the first 4 lines. Sheesh.


  5. I feel apple will prove themselves right for having a mac AppStore. It's really up to the developers how successful they are.

    It makes sense to look at what MacBooks Apps are missing and corner that Market. Some small music apps will work like demogod or even the sound cloud app.


  6. @DJ Agent M

    “It's really up to the developers how successful they are.”

    Oh really? Even with Apple censoring their own Top 10 when they see stuff they won't want there?


    That said, I think the Mac appstore will be successful, but in no way it will represent the entire Mac software catalog, because Apple's guidelines will prevent a lot of apps from getting in there (including possibly Photoshop, or audio plugins and apps)



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