I’m not sure if this app / service will be of use to anyone, but it looks like it might be handy if you’re collaborating with others. Here’s the description:

Protect your original music.
Connect with your collaborators.
Stay organized and Be Free to Create

MyWerx will revolutionize the way you record and protect your music. A simple and ingenious collaboration tool, it automates reaching agreement on writer splits and proves your date of creation. You can record and store a tamper proof copy of your music and share your creative work with collaborators using the MyWerx mobile and web apps. It is the fastest, most economical way to protect your ideas.

At MyWerx, we want you to have more Freedom to Create!

With MyWerx you can manage all your creative work from your phone. When you record and upload your original music from your phone, WerxProof automatically creates a tamper proof date of creation and stores a backup on the MyWerx server. Once it is there you can share it with contacts in your secure network. You can use MyWerx platform to enter critical information about your music and your collaborator splits communication will occur automatically to save you time. Connecting to your business contacts is coming soon!

Create, Protect, Connect

MyWerx Mobile - MyWerx, LLC

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