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  1. I'm going to bit the bullet and order from Japan.

    I wish I could understand what that dude is saying, I watch a lot of his videos, he seems funny, but he could be saying anything for all I know!

  2. johnnyg0 …. I agree with you about this guy being tops, I subscribed to his youtube a long time ago and always look forward to his vids …. even if I don't understand what he's saying … but … he did do a vid once in which he spoke English.

    kid versus chemical …. what site are you using to order from Japan?

  3. Regarding Rytmik Rock edition, your in luck! It's going to be available tomorrow for only 200 DSi points.

    What could only make my day better is if the Inchworm animation app for DSi were available also!

    Still, I know I'm going to be enjoying the new Rytmik a lot!

  4. Inchworm!! Yes, whatever happened to that? I actually spent ages trying to remember what it's name was a while back when Google was not being my friend. It seemed very close to a release last time I checked, but ran into trouble at the last minute…

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