Rumours of iPhone 5

I do like reading the Apple rumour mill, especially the iPhone 5 stuff. I thought I’d pass on a few that got me interested.

iPhone radio, fibre optic magsafe and 3D. All of these came from a post at TUAW. The iPhone radio sounds good, especially if you can see local stations too. 3D would be good, but I still struggle to see what it could do for music.

Live TV and miniature pico projects from AppleInsider. Now TV is ok, but mini projectors in an iPhone. That’d be really cool. Clip to Evernote


  1. “I do like reading the Apple rumour mill”

    You are in for a good time. Except for a few times every year, Apple is all about rumours. Pretty much every articles on the web about Apple are about rumours, except when they do keynotes 2-3 times a year, and usually when they do keynotes, people are disappointed because they all hoped the rumours were real.

    Do you remember that OSX tablet with an IOS layer they were to release? Me too.

  2. I do remember that. I couldn't really see it myself though.

    Like you I do love the rumour mill, it makes for a lot of fun speculation, and as you say, a lot of disappointment too, but it is fun.

  3. Upcoming tech is kinda fun šŸ™‚

    “I couldn't really see it myself though.”

    What about the Modbook? That guy build a really nice tablet out of Macbooks, the industrial design is awesome. Apple could've done something similar with less power to get to a 1000$ price.

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